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16 November 2005 @ 07:11 am
15th November, 2005: big brother  
It was a sort of Big Brother setup - we were to stay in a huge water tower (the main tank, which was wooden) that had been set up with cameras to film us for TV. 'We' refers to myself and some high school friends (including Tasha and David). I also think that thisiskate, shellet and chicachac were there.

I was the first one to be 'voted off', but as I began decending the ladders/stairs, the ground below began to get flooded. I had to go back up to the tank just to keep dry, and there was no tangible way to get down. I think I was carrying around a black and red teddy for some reason (like the one I gave Kate for her birthday).

I also remember a huge white house with tungsten lighting and black furniture.

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